To be able to offer our customers complete solutions have Novotek developed modules with extra functionality to iFIX and Historian. Novotek components have been guided by our customers that have influenced its content from the start. 

Novotek Messenger -

A component to iFIX to send alarms to all types of communication equipment. 


Novotek messenger gives you the possibility to receive alarms to your mobile phone, e-mail, pager and fax. It gives you a tool to see what is happening at your site even if you are not there and gives you the possibility to react.


DUSiFIX for iFIX is a graphical and user friendly integration between iFIX and IDUS IS maintenance system.


Essential maintenance information from IDUS IS is made available in iFIX graphical interface. It is possible to link corresponding information in IDUS IS like object, work order, fault registration and spare parts with the right person or department. DUSiFIX make it possible to schedule transfer of real time data from iFIX for example to plan maintenance according to run time, number of stops/starts, alarms etc. On one or more objects. With this unique function can one optimise the proactive maintenance and therefore reduce cost by less unplanned down time and spare parts. 


Novotek VisualTimeChannels -

Graphical and flexible component for time channels to iFIX or OPC servers. 

The component gives an incomparable flexibility to manage on/off tasks according to schemes and  all this in a user friendly environment. It can be used for lightning, locks, doors, HVAC or any other ON/OFF type of signal. 



Novotek SmartKvit -

Take control over your SMS alarms. 

If you mix SMS alarm from your SCADA system with your private messages in your mobile phone is the Novotek Smartkvitt the solution for you. It makes it possible to gather and control you SMS alarms and acknowledgements directly in your phone. The risk to miss anything is gone!