Kepware - ClientAce

Kepware ClientAce is an extensive function library for developers that need to build an OPC client application. The OPC.NET toolkit is fully object-oriented and consists of two parts

ClientAce DA Junction Control

The DA Junction Control is an easy to use .NET control for Visual Basic and C# to immediately make connections to various OPC servers, without detailed knowledge of the OPC Data Access interface. The components may be administered with the control and monitoring.


ClientAce DA Junction Control

ClientAce .NET API

The ClientAce .NET Application Program Interface provides an extensive library of functions for quick and easy connections to the OPC DA Junction Control.

The ClientAce Kepware Toolkit is a complete and easy solution for OPC connectivity in your own development.

Kepware Clientace

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Manual - ClientAce Help

A manual from Kepware.


Data Sheet - ClientAce

A data sheet from Kepware.