Kepware - LinkMaster

Directly Connects OPC Servers

LinkMaster provides a means of linking data between OPC servers, thus serving as a universal bridge for OPC systems. LinkMaster acts as both an OPC server and DDE server, allowing it to bridge legacy DDE systems and new OPC-enabled applications.

LinkMaster is a quick and sturdy windows application that doesn’t require any programming expertise. It’s a simple system where you create your own links by using “Drag and Drop”.  Because the applications uses error tracking, built-in scaling, user-access manager and write optimisation capabilities, it provides its users with the total overview and control of the incoming data and gives the full access to the application.

Built-in Redundancy

The Built-in redundancy feature allows a pair of LinkMaster machines to operate in redundant pairs. When the “primary” node fails, the “secondary” node takes over, when the “primary” node comes returns, the “secondary” node will demote itself. This enables the systems to keep working if there is a problem.

Real-time Access

LinkMaster uses DCOM to share data with remote client applications. This gives users the chance to access valuable information whenever and wherever they want, using the remote machines. LinkMaster also provides data scaling, scaling allows raw data to be converted to engineering units for OPC client applications. With these two features, users can access real-time and converted information more easily and use this to responds quicker to problems that might occur.

LinkMaster uses two kinds of management systems: link item and user.

  • LinkMaster’s link management system allows the user to link items together. The item links can easily be created using the “Drag & Drop” and “Tag Browsing” methods. This allows the user to group item tags together to create a database structure that fits their system.


  • The user management system allows you to manage what people can and can’t access. Using the built in User Manager, you have the full control of deciding what types of access each individual user gets. What these users do, is recorded in the LinkMaster’s event logging system: the EventViewer. This gives you access to see what people change and view and gives you full access to all operations at the same time.

To find out more about Kepware LinkMaster and how you can easily connect you OPC DA Servers, contact the UK’s Gold Distributor


Manual - LinkMaster

A manual from Kepware.


Connectivity Guide - LinkMaster

This guide will demonstrate how to establish a connection between the KEPServerEX OPC Server and Kepware's LinkMaster OPC Bridge.