Novotek offers a complete package of services around the solutions and products we supply. We deliver full training, support and service contracts to customers and partners. All in order to secure the use of the solutions and products offered. Various kinds of services can be provided in local language for more precise and accurate support. The support teams in all of our countries are standing ready to serve you as a customer.


Selecting the right products for your application often presents an issue as it is difficult to compare like for like solutions. Novotek understands the importance and risks associated with this selection. Our engineers can help and guide you with technical and domain expertise, whether you are upgrading a legacy system or deploying a new system or technology, we can help remove some of the risk and help you make the right decisions.

PC Bundling Services

Reduce time to development and have your PC pre-installed with the GE products of your choice. We offer hardware solutions from all major manufacturers including servers, PC, laptops and Industrial PC’s - all fully tested and certified, Windows configured, firewalls and security enabled to make your time to solutions simpler and quicker. Why not make the most of the services we can provide - allowing you to develop and deploy yours systems out of the box?

Site Survey

Access the expertise and domain knowledge of our engineers to quickly gain an understanding to the longevity of the products within your installed base. Whether your systems are current, mature or obsolete we can help you develop a detailed plan which empowers you to modernise in a properly staged, and carefully considered way. Don’t wait on unplanned downtime occurring to find out if long-ago installed products are no longer available - contact us now and learn more on how you can quickly organise a survey at your convenience.


Supplementing our industry-leading technologies, we offer training services according to your level of expertise and your plans to build out your solutions.

Novotek and GE offer a comprehensive learning program, with scheduled courses for commonly used products such as HMI SCADA iFIX, Cimplicity, Machine Edition, Historian and much more.

Contact us now to find out more on course descriptions and pre-requisites.

Support Services

There are many options available, whether you have un-planned downtime and need an engineer quickly or require pre-, mid- or post-project help. Our domain experts are here to help, with expertise in PACSystems, HMI SCADA, Series 90-30 and much more. Don’t delay -contact us now and learn more about how we can tailor support services package for you.

Acceleration Plans Support

Managing your total cost of ownership, Acceleration Plan customers can budget and plan accordingly, ensuring their systems remain current and supported. With access to emergency telephone support, latest-version software, user communities and more, Novotek together with GE Digital can tailor a plan fit for your needs.

Whether you have a large, medium or small installed base we are here to help and ensure you have the right level of support to maintain and upgrade your systems with minimal disruption.

Contact us now for further details and learn more about how Acceleration Plan Support can give you predictable lifecycle costs and dependable support.