Our Solutions


The solutions we have delivered are always engineered by the best engineers using the best available products on the market. We regard this combination of staff and products as the core of our ability to deliver the RIGHT solutions to our customers.

We have divided the field we work in into two domains: Production management and Automation solutions. This in order to better describe and target the different parts of our market of Industrial-IT and automation.

The Production management ranges from advanced planning systems coupled with portals, ERP-systems, production information and real time production processes down to the data acquisition systems. Within this field we deliver tracking and tracing, quality improvement, batch analysis and OEE solutions. All our solutions are based on the best-of-breed standard software packages.

Our Automation solutions starts with our ability to construct and deliver complete "turn-key" projects, ranging from I/O cabinets to complete control and batch systems. These solutions are made in cooperation with the best of partners to ensure local support and volume work possibilities. All our automation solutions are based on an "embrace and extend" principle to give the customer an open and extendable system.

We want to keep our customers' competitive edge, because Your Success is Our Goal!