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Cyber security for production and process networks

IT in production environments, is different form ordinary IT. You are not covered just by disconnecting. The most common cause of infections are unaware employees who connect to the process network with their personal devices.

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If it was ordinary IT the answer would have been yes but when it comes to networked devices close to in the production or process the answer is often no. There are differences like when you get a virus on a office computer you simple disconnect it. But that is probably not the way to go with a computer in your production. In the following sections will you see how you with Opshield, a purpose build solution, that can protect yourself.


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Turn it on and get protected

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Many IT system require specialists and continues monitoring. The OpShield system was specifically designed to be easy to install and maintain. The basis of the system is the ability to monitor the network and create a baseline for the traffic and the ability to define what traffic that is normal even understand the specific industrial protocols. OpShield complements your existing infrastructure and is not replacing the IT.

The Baseline is the foundation

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In all process networks are you able to define who should talk to whom and why. That is the basis for the security in OpShield. Automatically when you have installed your first OpShield device will it start to gather information about the network and the traffic on it. After some time the system is able know what is normal, that is what we call a baseline. After that any behavior different to the baseline can be highlighted, from a simple log entry to a critical alert. You are also able to define yourselves who should talk to whom and on which protocols and that is also one of the differences between OpShield and other devices. OpShield knows industrial protocols like Profinet and OPC all the way up and can therefore see if the area any strange activity.


Continuous risk and threat updates

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OpShield is continuously updated with so called threat profiles. These contains newly discovered threats, viruses and other malware that have been found elsewhere in the global network of Wurldtech. In the same way as you update your ordinary virus protection. In the case of OpShield can it also be not just malware but patterns or behaviors of attacks. You also get advice on how to act associated with these.


Simple to install and maintain

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Many IT systems for security are advanced and requires specialists to operate them. Not requiring that has been one of the design rules of OpShield, it should be able for the ordinary staff operating the production and process IT to handle it. Everything is managed from a simple and intuitive interface where the structure, allowed traffic and everything else is handled.



The way to become secure

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We recommend the following steps in the implementation of OpShield:

STEP 1: We first make a quick assessment, where we walk you through the differences between IT and OT along with walkthrough of your current network and wishes. You will get a report with our recommendations and some training material in how you should work with OT security.

STEP 2: In step two we install your first OpShield device to be able to assess your network and start building a baseline.

STEP 3: After a few week will we come back to go through the results and the baseline. With that as a foundation we help you to install OpShield and get you to the right level of security.  


The company behind OpShield

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Wurldtech have not existed for that long, founded in 2005 in Vancouver Canada, but have already made their reputation as one of the leading OT security companies globally. It all started with “hacking” their way in on Shell as part of a thesis. They went on and offered their services to others but eventually realized that there should be a product for this. They created OpShield, with all their experience built in.


An Executive Guide to Cyber Security for Operational Technology

Securing critical assets in a digitally connected world.

OpShield: Purpose-built Security for Industrial Environments

As production systems become more interconnected, the exposure to network-based cyber incidents increases, putting production, reputation, and ultimately profits at risk.

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