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Cyber security for utilities

How will you make sure that no one infects your system by mistake and is able to extract data from the process? Within energy are the critical systems many and the effects grave. See how OpShield can make you secure and become mobile.

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Yes would most in utilities answer but many forget that the most common attacks comes from the inside due to unaware employees. In addition to that most today would like to connect the process network with at least the internal network and those that have use the standard IT rules for this. But can you apply the same rules for OT? The most common IT rule at an attack is to disconnect the node and that is not possible to do when it comes to process network. Now is the solution to all these challenges.

OpShield is the answer to secure the process network

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The process network always have to run and can’t be protected in the same way as ordinary IT. Therefore OpShield is working with sectioning and the use of baselines for the traffic. In that way you can monitor and class what should be accepted and then you have the possibility to set alarms for any other situation. You also secure that not the whole process network is affected if you get an internal attack.

Secure that the right communication is there

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It is easier said than done to determine if it is the right traffic. Therefore OpShield has a built in packet inspection all the way down in the protocols like OPC, Profinet and Modbus. In that way is it possible for the OpShield system to determine which nodes that is and should talk to whom and on what protocol which makes attacks so much harder.

Continuous updates

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In order to secure that OpShield detects new threats and new ways to attack is should be updated. The same goes for new industrial protocols and other types of infrastructure devices. The company behind OpShield comes for the cyber security industry and started off by ”hacking” themselves in to Shell as part of a project. As time went by did they realize that there was a need for an easy to configure industrial security solution and OpShield was born.

The road to a secure process

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We recommend the following steps in the implementation of OpShield:

STEP 1: We first make a quick assessment, where we walk you through the differences between IT and OT along with walkthrough of your current network and wishes. You will get a report with our recommendations and some training material in how you should work with OT security.

STEP 2: In step two we install your first OpShield device to be able to assess your network and start building a baseline.

STEP 3: After a few week will we come back to go through the results and the baseline. With that as a foundation we help you to install OpShield and get you to the right level of security.  


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As production systems become more interconnected, the exposure to network-based cyber incidents increases, putting production, reputation, and ultimately profits at risk.

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