The Industrial Internet is changing the rules about what’s possible.

With Equipment Insight from GE, OEMs have a solution tailored for them. Designed to manage fleets of assets distributed around the world, Equipment Insight provides a secure data collection toolkit, and a full set of applications for sharing performance and alarm data, as well as capability to coordinate troubleshooting and repair operations.



To make adoption easy, Equipment Insight provides a complete framework from data management infrastructure to user environments for...



Secure remote connectivity - using encryption between sites and the central system

Small footprint - our connection options are compact and rugged – so you don’t have to make major changes to cabinet designs just to accommodate the Field Agent

Fault-tolerant communications - our Field Agents include store-and-forward capability, so a disruption in the network between sites and your central system doesn’t mean gaps in your data





Standard views from fleet level down to individual assets – regardless of diversity in the underlying control systems and sensors, your teams will see consistent views for trends, events, KPIs and alarms

Powerful analytics, easily accessible – adding our analytical tools to your solution will allow your system to learn from the data you accumulate. Differences in performance driven by usage, ambient conditions or even past maintenance patterns will be drawn out and turned into risk indicators that are monitored in real-time

Tools to collaborate – whether simply attaching notes to assets as part of routine review, or embedding standard operating procedures (SOPs) into your application, Equipment Insight can give you one place to move from identifying and analysing a situation to driving the correct actions to manage it

 Equipment Insight

New Capabilities, New Lines of Business

Beyond making it easier to right-size your field services team and manage liability, ready access to performance and reliability data can enable new ways of working with your customers. Enhanced service packages that include shared access to machine data can offer new value to both parties – and if your equipment is part of a process where inputs vary, it could be that your data holds the key to helping customers know how best to tune their processes accordingly.

Capitalise on the combination of your equipment expertise and a rich source of “as-run” data to give you unmatched capabilities in your service and consulting offerings!

Advanced Analytics for solving tough problems

As your system covers more and more assets, you’ll have the chance to draw out run-time-based failure modes and maintenance needs that are common across classes or models of equipment. With that insight, you can deploy your services teams to help customers unexpected shutdowns and losses – and reduce excessive short notice travel and logistics costs.

Equipment Insight can be extended with powerful predictive analytical tools that use your historical data to help you spot behaviours and interdependencies that affect efficiency and reliability. With that insight in hand, you can deploy smart KPIs that monitor the combination of factors that herald potential trouble – and direct your team or your customer to act in advance.

Mobile - like your workforce

Your workers aren’t tied to a desk – so your information shouldn’t be, either. Equipment Insight functions are available where you are – in a browser or on a tablet, you’ll have a consistent user experience and all the same functions.

Patented geo-location technology tracks the location of Equipment Insight users – and can automatically load the views related to nearby assets.

Make Every Technician Your Best

Equipment Insight goes beyond monitoring and analysis – its Mobile Task management capability is powered by a full Proficy Workflow engine. So you can predefine standard procedures as well as exception-handling processes and have them triggered by schedules or by events noted in the data you collect.

With the ability to link supporting instructions and documentation, you can ensure that each and every one of your service personnel is equipped with the expertise and direction needed to handle incidents in the field.

Mobile users