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HMI/SCADA for today and tomorrow

Novotek have delivered HMI/SCADA solutions based on iFIX and Cimplicity from GE since 1985. Every day is thousands of processes and plants monitored and controlled by our solutions. 

Innovation for the future with the history to back it up - HMI / SCADA


Novotek was part of the first wave of PC based SCADA in the 1980's and our solutions have been developed over time with tremendous speed. We are together with our partner GE creating the next generation HMI/SCADA with the opportunity to become more flexible, mobile and innovative.
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iFIX has done an excellent job over the years..

..and continues to be one of the most solid and flexible SCADA platforms on the market. GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Software optimizes baggage sorting in Copenhagen Airport.

Lars Peter Larsen, System Specialist, Copenhagen Airport

Another great benefit

is that if we run tests we can easily drill down from month values, all the way down to minute values.

Anders Lundquist, Production Engineer, Arctic Paper Grycksbo AB

Water and Wastewater
Explaining High
perfomance HMI
Food and Beverages

The interface for the future operator is here

After extensive research and development Novotek’s partner GE have created how the next generation of user interface (UI) should look and feel to create a unique experience. The future is minimalistic and has the goal to foresee the situations and adapt the information flow so the user only have the necessary information presented at the right time. Novotek can deliver that experience to you today with soft gray scales and intuitive browsing.


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Ready for the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet

IoT and argumented reality is here and your HMI should be prepared to take those steps

In the next generation of SCADA from GE a lot of the paradigms of the Industrial Internet have been adopted to accommodate the raise of the Internet of Things. To be connected is key and that drives everything in order to achieve the true potential of the SCADA system. To connect operators with all machines around them and secure that the data that is presented is what they need requires that the systems adapts the views and data to depend on where you are, who you are and what state the machine is in.
The Google Glass solution developed by Novotek shows the potential that exists already today.

Alarm handling that supports the operations - SCADA system

Alarms and procedures for handling those are key in a good HMI. All the basic should exist in any HMI

Alarms is a vital part of any SCADA system and normally it's not more than a list of open alarms shown. Working with alarm handing over 25 years have made us come to some very important conclusions to get a system that actually support the operations and a sustainable situation. We have great tools for suppressing, filtering, presenting and analyzing the alarms to give assistance to the operators and maintenance staff.


Report easy and dynamic with SCADA reporting tools

In relation to most HMIs is there a need for reporting and having a seamless connection to this is great

Reports are a vital part of running any business, and getting them on time and without errors are still a challenge to many companies. With the SCADA reporting tools from Novotek and GE you will get a comprehensive and usable package. The reporting engine is Microsoft for the best interoperability you can get, and with that also the same feeling as in all Microsoft applications. With references in all industry segments and with full support for audit trail does our reporting solution fit almost any reporting need. The presentation layer is great but the data storage capability is even better with a full functional industrial Historian system in a SCADA form factor, which results in a fast, flexible and powerful data source.

Communicate with everything everywhere

Kepware is the best communication platform in the world with extensive number of supported protocols and devices. It just works!

The communication layer is key in a SCADA solution and have always been one of Novoteks fields of expertise. We have ourselves created 10s of drivers but we have also chosen to establish a partnership with Kepware out of Portland, Maine in the US. Kepware has been recognized many times for their extensive portfolio of OPC drivers and the number continues to grow with every version of KEPServerEX. The strength of Kepware comes from the focus on communication and OPC, where they are the number one player in the world today. Novotek are also experts in finding solutions to special communication needs, so even if you have some old, outdated machinery we usually find a way.

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Brochure - GE: Decrease your HMI/SCADA risk

Decrease your HMI/SCADA risk. Key steps to minimize unplanned downtime and protect your organization.

Customer Story - Grycksbo Paper

Grycksbo have been working with information systems for several decades since it is vital for their process to have a history of what have been produced, but also be able to see trends of the data.

Product Sheet - Proficy HMI/SCADA – iFIX 6.1

Building on a track record of success and continual enhancements, the latest release of Proficy HMI/SCADA - iFIX is here and takes HMI/SCADA to the next level!

Handbook - The High Performance HMI Handbook

The High Performance HMI Handbook is the first and only comprehensive book containing the best-practice principles for assessing, designing, and implementing proper process control Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs).

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