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HMI/SCADA for Water and Wastewater

Novotek have delivered HMI/SCADA solutions based on iFIX to WW facilities in all our countries and in most cases since the 90’s.

HMI/SCADA solution to build on for the future

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Control and monitoring systems for Water and Waste water has its special challenges due to the geographical extension and the severe implications if it breaks down. Since the late 80’s Novotek has delivered a solution in this space that has to do with the flexibility of the HMI/SCADA iFIX that we base our WW solutions on. Now after almost 30 years we are still delivering state of the art HMI/SCADA systems with a modern look and feel and with the latest findings in HMI design and Alarm configuration.

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Innovative and Flexible operator environment

The user environment in Proficy iFix have almost infinite possibilities. It can of course be used in a thick client (iClient) and thin client (iClient TS) mode on a PC but have all the new possibilities of web clients on any browser (Webspace) as well as apps for Apple and Android (Proficy SCADA). The latest add on is the possibility to use an asset and KPI view of the installed equipment to browse through the assests which results in an even faster user experience (Proficy Mobile). In order to enable a quick implementation is a full picture and object structure delivered with our Waterpack, where things like multiple screens as well as face plates for all common object, such as pumps, valves, regulators and fans, are ready to go. But still one of the most important features is still the possibility to do changes on the fly in all parts of the installation without any need to go off line. Proficy iFIX also have all the necessary possibilities for redundancy.

Versatile communication

Our solutions are based on Proficy iFix which is one of the most common SCADA systems in WW. One of the most important features in such a system is the ability to communicate with a whole range of equipment and systems. We have literally thousands of drivers in our catalogues and among them some more specialized ones for the WW segment. For example we have dialed communication with pump stations, pressure control stations and fresh water towers. We also have standard communication drivers for most of the common pump station equipment manufacturers like ABB OP45, Flygt AquaCom (MACTEC), Swedmeter and many others.

Alarm management for faster resolution

The Proficy iFIX have one of the best and most advanced alarm systems in the SCADA world where alarms from central as well as outer equipment as pump stations, pressure regulator stations etc. are gathered, stored and presented. Alarms can be grouped, prioritized, shelved and forwarded to any type of devices. Novotek have modules for advanced alarm management via email, SMS, phone, web and smart phone apps. You are also able to acknowledge alarms and even control the facility, all in the principle of real-time operations management where each user shall be able to work on whatever platform they like at all time. Novotek also have modules for analytics and reporting on alarms for better and faster alarm management.

Data logging to keep the history

Another important part of any WW HMI/SCADA solution is the historical data storage and trending. The Proficy family have a full range of features for this and if you have a limited need there are all the functions you need in Proficy iFIX for logging flows, levels, pressures, temperatures and energy. But if you need more and maybe have a large installation, there is the Proficy Historian which is capable to take care of any number of signals. In both cases the storage and collection of data are extremely efficient and fast, as well as secured for data manipulation and corruption. Once it is stored it's easy to integrate it back into the HMI solutions as trends or tables based on raw data, min or max, or any of the other 6 ways of retrieving data from the storage. Novotek have one of the best trending tools for advanced users and also functions for replaying any sequence of events all based of the stored data.

Intuitive Reporting for all needs

Reporting is also a critical function in any HMI/SCADA system in the WW environment. Novotek have delivered reporting in many ways over the years but lately we have standardized on Microsoft Reporting Services and we have a Water pack here. This pack contains a set of ready to use reports that are relevant to all WW businesses. It has a portal where the reports are generated and where time intervals easily can be changed from months to weeks all the way down to minutes and up to years. Novotek's reporting solution is called Novotek Report Plus and helps you with the maintenance of the reports as well as distribution of reports to different people in your organization.


Integration with other systems

All WW facilities have the need for other systems such as maintenance system, lab systems, building management systems, CCTV etc. All these type of systems can be integrated into the HMI/SCADA system for easier access or for initiation of activities in other systems. This is possible since Proficy iFIX’s have an extensive set of integration and embedding functions that allows for seamless integration with other systems.

Cyber security and SCADA

Since water is one of the most important infrastructures of our communities it is essential to ensure that no unauthorized people can get access. Therefore all parts of the Proficy iFIX is protected with strong encryption in accordance with EU and US regulations. The user authentication can be fully integrated with your normal Active Directory and you can also overlay your on user groups and access levels to all parts of the Proficy iFIX system. Since security in all essential infrastructure is a growing concern to all states GE have put a lot of effort into securing all their products and will continue to do so.

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