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Connecting industrial data to your tool

Novotek IDP solution solves the challenge to connect your BI, ERP, BMPS to your production, sensor and other data in an easy way.

Why not use the tool you have to do more?

IDP - Connecting industrial data to your toolYou're already using it for administrative or sales data, who not use it to analyze your production or sensor data? There is a lot of companies that have invested in great tools for reporting, analysis and collaboration that have all the great functions for visualization and analysis. All you need is to get the production and process data into the system to get started, in able to make the already done investment better. Most IT consultants that you usually use are not familiar with how to gather, transport and store these type of data and therefore they say it is complex or even impossible. But it's not! 
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The Industrial Data Provider is the answer to the challenge

The challenge is that you need to understand the automation and sensor layer in order to be able to get the data and with the Novotek IDP solution you get all that - ready to go. The solution contains +1000 possible ways of getting data in by using what is known as drivers in the automation layer. Once the data is gathered it needs to be processed and stored before it is delivered to your tool. All these things are handled by the Novotek Industrial Data Provider solution.

Analyze your data in your BI tool

It doesn’t matter if you use Qlik from Qliktech, Cognos from IBM or SAS Institute software - the method is the same. The Novotek IDP solution deliver all the data ready to use in a standard SQL interface for minimum effort for the BI people to start working with directly. Start to take advantage of your tools today, reduce energy consumption, find bottlenecks and become more efficient.

Use triggers from your production or process in your BPMS

Why not use trigger events in your workflows based on production or process events? With the IDP solution from Novotek you have all possibilities in your hands. You could initiate QA processes as an event happens and reduce the delay of action, or trigger a low material event based on actual situation and therefore be able to reduce the inventory levels. There are a thousand possibilities and Novotek can help you find where you have the biggest possibilities. It doesn’t matter if you use Software AG Aleris or IBM the solution work with all.


Big Data with industrial data

The latest in data analytics is BIG DATA where companies like Splunk and many others use unstructured data, mostly user data from the internet or file systems to give insights - and we've probably only seen the beginning of this era. One thing that makes industrial data special is that it lacks the possibility to add context to itself. A temperature sensor value for example is useless if you don’t know where it is, in a freezer or outdoors. The answer to these problems is the Novotek IDP solution that can add this context before sending the data on to the Big Data tool.

Add intelligence to your ERP and CRM

Why not store data about your production in your ERP to secure that you have all QA data in one place with the order or why not be able to see actual inventory status in the CRM in real time? That and many other information can be passed on or stored in your existing systems with the Novotek IDP solution. Since the interface is a standard SQL and it is fast,  there is no problem to move large amount of data or to do it often. The interface is also so easy that any ERP consultant can do it on their own.

The power of integrating industrial data


Novotek works together with General Electric to realize the vision of the Industrial Internet. GE predicts that the Industrial Internet will add a stunning 3 trillion USD to the world economy in the coming 20 years and the core in this lays in the ability to extract, gather and use data. Novotek’s solution Industrial Data Provider is giving you that possibility!

Our way to show how your industrial data can come to use in your BI tool



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The Novotek solution IDP makes it easy to use important process and production data when alayzing the overall plant performance.

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