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IoT Gateway with REST and MQTT interface

IoT is many things but in the end it’s all about connectivity. KEPServerEX will with its IoT Gateway get you there! Use REST or MQTT to make your devices connected to the Internet of Things.


IoT and Kepware equals success

IoT Gateway with REST and MQTT interface

The award winning OPC server suit Kepserver has +250 communication protocols to various systems, devices and sensors and it’s the most versatile OPC server on the market. By adding REST and MQTT interfaces to the OPC and OPC UA it makes the server a tool of tomorrow. On this page will we try to explain the basics of IoT, Industrial Internet, REST, MQTT and the possibilities it will bring.

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IoT gateway with KEPServerEX

The IoT gateway in the KEPServerEX is something that complements the usual OPC interfaces that Kepware is most known for. OPC is something that is widely used in industrial automation for communicating within plants and between controllers and other plant floor systems. The introduction of the IoT Gateways opens up a number of new possibilities with the new interfaces REST and MQTT that are most used in all types of IT and IoT applications. 

Internet of Things and Industrial Internet

There are a number of different buzz words that are being used to describe the new way to communicate and make use of information. The Internet of Things is one of the most used and refers to the shift where the internet no longer is dominated by people, the Internet of Persons, but rather by the machines and sensors. It is estimated that already in 2020 will the number of connected devices be three times the total number of people of the world. The notion to be able to use the potential that is released when you connect all these devices is something that many companies are trying to capture. The Industrial Internet is one of these initiatives and was formed by GE together with Cisco and Intel. No matter the name, the largest challenge is to be able to communicate easy and secure. This is where Kepware fits in by creating a simple way to get the data exposed in the IoT. 

REST server and client Interfaces

The REST protocol is basically a client/server type of communication like OPC. It was developed as an extension to HTTP and is a so called web service like the more advanced SOAP. It basically exposes a number of simple commands like POST, PUT, GET and DELETE that the client can send to the server. The IoT gateway for KEPServerEX gives you both possibilities. The downside with REST and most client/server protocols is the fact that the client have to be on the same network to easy communicate with the server. That is not so favored in many applications since exposing computers to the internet means security issues and opening up firewalls. Though the use of REST interfaces is very well known and a very easy way to access data and are therefore used in many applications.  

MQTT a real IoT protocol

The MQTT interface is different from the REST in the sense that it’s using a broker in between the source and the user. So the connection is not direct and both the source and the user are connected to the broker which means that if both are behind firewalls, all calls will be outbound - which is usually supported by firewalls. The name MQTT comes from the classical Message Que (MQ) technology from IBM and the basic function is the same where the MQ system are the broker between the subscriber and the generator of data. MQTT is a fully IoT protocol and there are a number of brokers on the market both commercial and open source. 

Kepware and Novotek can help you

Thinking about connecting your devices to the IoT or creating a monitoring center? No matter the idea we can help you with forming a strategy and architect your solution to bring you to a level where you are ready for IoT and the Industrial Internet. The ability to connect and use data is vital going forward and many analysts are saying that it’s a matter of “disrupt or die”, for the industrial and manufacturing sectors. So reach out to Novotek and Kepware for advice. 


White Paper: IIoT Protocols to Watch

IoT is alphabet soup. IIoT, IoE, HTTP, REST, JSON, MQTT, OPC UA, DDS, and the list goes on. Conceptually, we’ve discussed IoT for a long time and understand the basic idea and technical feasibility. Now we’re moving forward, identifying use cases and building prototypes. So it’s about time to work on that alphabet.

E-book: Industrial IoT

This eBook explores the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). It describes the benefits of Internet-enabling all hardware and software components (“Things”) that comprise an automation system, and delves into the challenges the industry must overcome for the IIoT to be successful.

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