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Using the Kepware Communication platform in Oil&Gas industry

The Oil and Gas industry have challenges that differs from other industrial communication applications and KEPServerEX address all of these.


KEPServerEX; one solution to all communication challenges in the Oil & Gas industry

Communication platform in Oil&Gas industryKEPServerEX is connecting disparate devices and applications from flow meters, pump controls to complete process control systems. It solves the challenges of interoperability, scalability and centralization in your data transfer and transformation. The KEPServerEX has been recognized by many as the best communication suit on the market and are endorsed by several system manufacturers.

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Proven Interoperability with +250 protocols

Proven interoperability is key to KEPServerEX, allowing your automation control system and sensor information to be leverage throughout your organization. The communication drives exist for most vendors like Siemens, Allan Bradley, Mitsubishi, ABB and Honeywell but also more O&G specific protocols like ABB Totalflow, OMNI Flow computers and WITS. In the KEPServerEX O&G pack a number of the most common drivers used in the industry in packed into a great ready to use package. On the client side the suit of interfaces is also extensive with a number of flavours of OPC including DA, AE, UA and HDA. But also extends to SNMP, DDE and OLE DB.


Centralized communication for streamlined data flows

Do you ever experience communications delays due to redundant information transfers on limited communication lines? Most people do in the O&G industry and to a large extent it’s related to redundant transfer of data back and forth in your network. KEPServerEX provides a centralized communication platform that secure and limit the number of requests and transfers made. The idea of one communication hub results in a more effective use of the network resources and secure that no automation devices gets overloaded by requests, but without limited the data use in all types of clients. The KEPServerEX platform also provides a simple way to centrally handle access control, governance and system diagnostics.


On demand Scalability for all parts of your communication network

Do you have trouble adding equipment, clients or data points? Most do since the tools are different for each interface and many times with their own topology. KEPServerEX provides a unique on demand Scalability that accelerate the time to implement new equipment, connections and data points. Since the KEPServerEX operates with a multithread architecture each channel can run by its own, and will not effect on another, and together with the Configuration and Runtime modes most adding can be done on the fly. KEPServerEX serve all types of applications from one device with one point, to thousands devices with millions of points.

Industrial recognition and strength

Do you ever experience intermittent communication errors or unexpected data losses? KEPServerEX is an industrial software server developed and tested for industrial use which means that 24/7 operations and thousands of operations rely on the stability of KEPServerEX. Kepware are certified and endorsed by many industrial device manufactures and maintains a high standard on its development, including but not limited to 1:1 principle between developers and QA staff - all in order to secure a stable and reliable product.  


E-book: Industrial IoT

This eBook explores the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). It describes the benefits of Internet-enabling all hardware and software components (“Things”) that comprise an automation system, and delves into the challenges the industry must overcome for the IIoT to be successful.

Brochure: Oil & Gas Energize your Communications with Kepware

KEPServerEX is a flexible, scalable, and affordable solution for connecting, monitoring, controlling, and managing diverse automation devices and software applications across multiple telemetry options, including all Radio and Modem types, Ethernet TCP/IP, Serial Multi-Drop, and Satellite.


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