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Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Getting the opportunity to see and control your machine outcome and effectiveness!


Your chance of getting an overview of your efficiency

Get better and faster feedback on your performance through OEE

Do you rely on manual and ERP data to calculate your machine efficiency? Then you can get faster and more accurate results by using an automatic OEE system. The challenge is many times to find the right system and the right way to integrate it into your business. Novotek has been implementing Proficy OEE solutions for 15 years. Proficy offers not only OEE but also integrated quality handling and it's based on the cutting edge technology Predix from GE.


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What can be achieved with a Proficy OEE system?

Get better cost calculations, lower energy consumption and better and more robust plans

The most natural thing is that you can produce more with the same machines, but that is far from all. Being able to see the effect that bad quality has and secure that the intended line speeds are kept are other natural parts of OEE. To that you can add a number of things such as more accurate cost calculations, better scheduling and lower energy consumption. Basically you have the ability and the knowledge to act on your challenges.

Some real results from using Proficy OEE

Lower costs, less waste and better yield

The most convincing is not the sales pitch or the nice presentations, but the results of the real customers. Novotek have installed over 100 Proficy OEE and the outcomes are great, here are some examples.

5% Cost reduction
2% Quality reject reduction
3% Waste reduction
2,75% Higher production
3% More profit

The operator view of Proficy OEE

Intuitive user interface for easier entry of faults and reasons for the operators

Usability is a key factor for succeeding with implementing OEE. The Proficy OEE has a modern and extremely easy-to-use interface , where the operator can start production orders, set stop causes or reasons for bad products. All parts of the client is presenting real-time data to the operator , so everyone knows the status of machines, lines or whole plants. Of course these different KPIs can be displayed and colored depending on your targets. 

The line or plant management view of Proficy OEE

Great overview and reports for line managers and production management

As interesting as it is with real-time values for all KPIs, there is a need for going back and revisiting the data. Root causes should be found via easy drill down and interactive analysis. By focusing on the most common problems the return on investment is maximized and the LEAN initiatives produces better result. Proficy OEE comes with a set of standard reports that satisfies most users, giving a comprehensive view of your status now and in the past. Of course these standard reports can be used as templates, to meet any special need.

The power of the GE and Proficy platform

GE’s offering in OEE offers you a global solution based on best of breed products

The Proficy OEE has a whole range of extension possibilities, and there are no limitations to what can be altered in order to meet your special needs with OEE calculations, reason trees and other. Within the Proficy platform everything can be changed, but with that said, the standard Proficy OEE package solves 95% of all OEE needs directly out of the box. The same goes for the implementation strategy that's ranging from a pure Cloud based version to an on-site dedicated install. We know that your needs are different and therefore we provide a full range of possibilities.

Our way to prove the value of OEE and to improve your overall OEE

The way to implement OEE in your organization is clear in terms of cost and time


Customer Story - Brüggen GmbH

Improved workflow – Proficy optimizes production processes at Brüggen GmbH.

Customer Story - Friesland Campina

Most applications of Novotek are deployed in production environments with the aim of producing more efficiently and reducing costs.

Application Sheet - Proficy Plant Application 6.1

GE’s Proficy Plant Applications 6.1 takes your Operations Performance Management to the next level – helping you solve your toughest operational business challenges and keeping you ahead of the competition.

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Operational Excellence is not a new idea, but given today’s innovations, the topic has evolved. Take a break from focusing on today’s tactical issues for just a few minutes, and let’s explore the journey to Operational Excellence.

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