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Production Scheduling

Let's make some plans! Proven results with production scheduling software of Novotek ✓ Less out of time deliveries ✓

Are still using spreadsheets to manage production planning?

Product scheduling

Then you are not the only one, but is it really the best tool to do the job? You are probably, like many of the planner we come into contact with, experiencing challenges with lack of visibility, fast re-planning and keeping track of materials used by the plan. Why not start using a tool that have all the functions you have today but with a dramatically improved visibility? You will be amazed by the ease of use and the power of getting the overview. A planning solution from Novotek gets the job done, so let’s make some plans!

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Product scheduling - The ROI of a scheduling solution

Product scheduling

In many cases we have seen that people that experience ROB-EX for the first time get impressed with the power of the overview. And even if argument for ease of use is great, there are so many more reasons for investing in scheduling. ROB-EX is the tool for "production scheduling" where the horizon is short and environment conditions changes fast. We have seen our clients gotten the best values out from:

• Less out of time deliveries

• Less production stops due to lack of resources

• Better re-scheduling after production incidents like machine breakdown

• And to summarize it is all about securing that you can deliver on your promises to your customers. ROB-EX is the best insurance you can buy!

The planner remains in charge


An electronic plan provides astonishing overview and will immediately show any bottlenecks in resources, capacity or raw material. The Gantt-chart shows all orders and their progress in real-time. With that is also the impact of the current plan on stock levels and (FTE) capacity requirements directly indicated. ROB-EX supports the planner by automating time-consuming tasks like import of weekly plans and stock levels. Our philosophy is that the planner still makes the best decisions on what to do when a planning constraint is broken. Instead of investing a lot of time and money in complex solvers we show the planner the reality and give him the opportunity to truly optimize his plan.

Proven results with productive scheduling software of Novotek

Lower costs and higher yield with better scheduling

We have hundreds of customers that uses the tool every day to solve complex challenges and issues. We have seen incredible results with some customers but the average improvements we have seen is;

Standard connectors for all major ERP systems

Ready to go integration to ERP systems.

To get the full value of a scheduling tool you need to integrate the solution with you ERP or SCM system. To make this easy have we made standard connectors for all the major ERP and SCM suppliers. Those connectors are easy to install and makes it so much easier to start using the ROB-EX. We also have an even simpler method where we use an excel sheet to get the data in. That tool is so easy that anyone with some Excel experience can make it. The connectors can in the simplest way only export the production orders out of the ERP system and in the most complex installations the connectors also for example updates the storage levels. So if you have VISMA, Navision, Axapta or SAP please don’t hesitate to improve your planning!

Join the community and get insights from fellow planner

The ROBEX fameily is great and engaging

One important part of our solution is that you don’t just get a tool, you get a membership in the ROB-EX community. A place where you have to possibility to share, learn and challenge yourself. We have meetings, blogs and forums for yours and fellow planners benefits, so take the next step and be a part of something great.

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Our way to achieve better production scheduling with ROB-EX

Our way to value with ROBEX scheduling


Product sheet - ROB-EX Scheduler

ROB-EX Scheduler is used successfully by planners in production companies of various sizes and from a broad range of industrial sectors across the world.

Customer Story - Aluflex AB

Through experienced staff and quality products, Aluflex delivers the best solutions to their customers, they are specialists in both profile systems and linear movements on the Nordic market. Novotek are proud to be the supplier for their planning system.

Data Sheet - ROB-EX Quick Guide

Optimize your production with better planning. With ROB-EX, you’ll get a clear overview and can anticipate the impact of the requirements for your production changes.

Customer Story - Bifodan A/S

Bifodan A/S produces dietary supplements and medicine. The production consists of both Bifodan’s own products and customers’ brands. After implementing ROB-EX Scheduler Bifodan has improved their credibility as supplier and realised a 20 % revenue increase.

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