ServiceMax - Field Service Management

Whether service is an add-on to your asset sales, or a business in and of itself, ServiceMax from GE can help you get the most from your field service teams and ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.


ServiceMax goes beyond work order management and basic dispatching, providing a complete suite of capabilities to support the most critical aspects of service operations management. And it’s focused on the operational users – whether your dispatch teams, or the technicians in the field – with user environments designed to be easy to use, and that make it easy to access whatever supporting data may be needed as work is performed. Explore the key areas noted below to see how these solutions can lead to increased revenue, higher field service productivity, and greater customer engagement.

Part of a broad range of solutions aimed at optimising assets and operations

Within Novotek’s portfolio, ServiceMax works alongside other OT solutions such as SCADA, or Asset Performance Management, to bring additional value to customers by using asset data as part of field service operations.

Installed Base Management

Installed Base Management

Visibility into installed assets creates revenue opportunities

Often the easiest opportunities to capture come from better understanding of your customers’ existing investment. By making it easy to catalogue installed equipment, and link warranty, service contract and other entitlement information, ServiceMax helps you minimise the risk of parts and labour being given away for free. And – with a clear picture of your installed base at each site, your sales team will have the data they need to pursue timely renewals of service agreements, spares orders and even upgrade or replacement opportunities.


Unlocking value of installed base WP

Scheduling & Dispatch

Scheduling & Dispatch

Bringing parts and people to the work for faster fixes

Getting the right tech with the right skills to the right place can be tricky – especially where complex, high value assets are concerned. By resolving critical information like technician training & certification, parts availability and existing schedule commitments, ServiceMax increases the odds of a “first-time fix”! Automating dispatch for your own teams as well as for supporting contractors offers big opportunities for maintaining control and customer satisfaction as your install base grows.

Make Subcontractors part of the team

Partners can be a key part of your customer service team, so you need visibility into each partner's operation to ensure transparency and great service. With ServiceMax 3rd Party Contractor Communities, you can have visibility into your service channel so your partners stay accountable not only to their schedules, but your customers’ satisfaction.

Fluid Management Maximises field technician utilisation

Efficient dispatch means lower overall service costs, due to less time driving or stuck between assignments, and higher customer satisfaction. ServiceMax helps your scheduling team get the most out of your team by making it easy to manage the work orders, parts and personnel that all have to come together in the right place at the right time.


ServiceMax Service and Dispatching

Mobile Field Service Management

Mobile Field Service Management

A fully functional solution designed for the field team 

To keep customer satisfaction high, and make your targets for cost and revenue, your team needs more than just a work order. ServiceMax provides a complete solution to support your technicians through troubleshooting, fixing, documenting and closing off a job. And with full functionality linking field activities to the back office, the commercial side of your operation gets a boost as well. Parts can be ordered, work orders closed for billing – even new assets added to a service contract quote – all by the technician on the scene.