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Configuration management and version control with Versiondog

Configuration management and version control of your automation layer as it should be; easy, intuitive and without the need for any vendor tools.


Have you ever found yourself looking for the latest version of the code or configuration?

Keeping track of files, PLC code and other configuration files is what Versiondog is all about. Other than the normal version control function it also performs automatic back-up and checks.

Most of us have at some point been looking desperately after some configuration or code file after a power outage or a simple human error where someone unintentionally have erased something. Many have probably also been calling around to manufacturers and integrators that have been working on the systems to get information or code. Another story we hear a lot is that someone by mistake changed a parameter or default value and there is no documentation on the value that you had before. All these situations are handled by the Versiondog package.

Learn about Configuration management for PLC's here

Siemens automation
Pharma and
regulatory industry
 Project houses
and system integrators

The questions that Versiondog has the answers to

Where is the latest version? Who did that change? Why is there differences between the running version and the library? Some questions Versionsdog takes care of.

As you probably already realized there is a number of situations you’ll find yourself in, where an answer would be great to have. The Versiondog software package is the answer to many of those challenges and as soon as you got it you will never stop using it. Since Versiondog takes care of all these situations it’s perfect for regulatory industries and it has of course full audit trail capabilities. 

The power of the Versiondog offering – The SmartCompare

Smartcompare is unique for Versiondog in the way it connect, store and compare code, documents, configurations and other types of files.

The core of the Versiondog offering lays in the way you connect and compare the code, configuration or data. In Versiondog there is a connector to each device type, which makes it possible to work without using the vendor software package. With that connector you are able to take out all information from the device and compare that against your stored data. The compare is the other part of the connector that is unique for Versiondog, it takes the compare functions to the next level. It’s the SmartCompare!

Support for multiple vendors and devices

Versiondog supports Siemens, ADD, Allan Bradly, Mitsubishi, Schneider, GE, Copa data and many moreVersiondog have since its release in 2007 had a tremendous growth in number of licences, and also a growth in the number of devices it supports. Today it supports most automation vendors, most common PLC, DCS, SCADA packages and a long range of Robot and Motion manufacturers. A great recognition is the fact that Siemens endorses Versiondog as the preferred tool for version control of their Automation and Drives businesses.


Versiondog functions and set up

Versiondog is easy to install and with an intuitive configuration makes it simple to get value out fast.The Versiondog package is easy to install, after that the only thing you need to do is to install the connectors to your different systems to start using its full potential. The core function is of course to keep track of the current version of each asset and who should have the right to have access, or change the different assets. Afterwards the next task you need to do is to decide what frequency of back-up or check you want, or if you want to have alarms sent to you when things have changed. The configuration is easy to do and after some simple training you are capable of doing all these things by yourself. As also stated before, all the tasks can be under the control of a full audit trail system.

Join the family of Versiondog

Join the family of Versiondog with companies like Roche, Audi, BMW, Scania, Volvo, Coca Cola, Carlsberg, Miele and Nestlé.

The users of Versiondog are very diverse and we have small companies monitoring only a couple of assets, up till multinational global players in their field - using the software every day. Versiondog is today the most used CMS software in the automation area. With the best set of connectors and the never ending addition of new connectors in each version, the tool becomes more capable every year. Look at some of the references to your left, download a story and if you can’t find your industry please contact us and we will show you one option that fits.

The solution behind the Versiondog offering

Auvesy är företaget bakom Versiondog.

Released in 2007, the story behind Versiondog is not that long, but since then 1000 projects in 30 countries have been delivered much due to the extensive experience in creating similar systems elsewhere before. The Versiondog software is a client/server based product that keeps everything in a central storage. Each client, both user or device, connect to this database to back-up, restore, compare or document code, configuration files, documents or any other type of files you want to keep track of. The company behind Versiondog is called Auvesy and in situated in Landau, Germany where they have their +50 employees today. They ensure that the product are modern in its look and feel and secures that you will get new functions and features on a regular basis. Auvesy have always been committed to quality and the company have been ISO9001 certified and are, due to its customers in the regulatory industry, audited on a regular basis. 


Document: Supported Devices/Software

The list of devices shows all currently supported devices and software for Versiondog.

Customer Story - Nestlé

At the Nestlé plant in Mainz, Germany, a clear strategy for the use of Versiondog versioning and data management software was developed before implementation; no more backing up to USB sticks; huge time savings thanks to Versiondog.

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