The most scalable and effective Historian system on the market.


The best information system solution on the market for your companies production and process data.


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Proficy Historian offers a robust and effective information system for your production. The Proficy Historian provides fast and simple gathering, archiving and compression together with analysis and distribution of large data volumes in real time to everybody in your organization. Proficy Historian can be connected to all types of process data from single sensors to large control systems and can validate the data to ensure that you are working on correct data.

Storage without compromises

Today you should have the possibility to store all data without having to think about speed or volume and here Proficy Historian delivers. With seamless compression and encryption already at the source and all though the transfer and storage, Proficy Historian is storing data without any loss of precision or speed. This makes it possible to store everything, even if you're not clear on for what yet. The tools for analysis is getting better all the time but what they all have in common is that they need data. So to have the possibility to store everything and have the possibility to access it fast this is the promise of Proficy Historian.

Use data in the tools of your choice

Proficy Historian is increasable flexible in extraction of data  and offers a number of ready-to-go couplings to different analytics tools. Except for the built-in tools that comes with the product is it easy to connect to most BI-tools, Office or standard SQL interfaces. All this with maintained security and with the ability to cover all relevant compliance requirements in most industries and authorities including pharmacy and infrastructure. In addition to this is the ability to extract data outstanding with possibilities to filter and join data in real time even with large data volumes. 

Ready for Predix, IoT and Cloud. 

Everybody is thinking about which data to keep locally and which to have in the cloud seen out of a security and performance perspective. With Proficy Historian you get an Edge ready product which means it has out of the box functionality to transfer data to different cloud solution. The connection to the GE cloud service Predix, which GE uses themselves, is extra simple and fast but coupling with the other major players solutions are also simple to deploy. To choose Proficy Historian for local data storage is therefore a safe choice for the future. 


 Example of functionality in Proficy Historian:

» Unlimited number of data tags
» Millisecond Data collection
» Advanced data compression
» Multiple time zone
» Full integration with iFIX
» Administration client in HTML5
» Excel Add-in 
» Full support of 21 CFR part 11
» Simple configuration
» Data extraction via SQL 
» Access to all archives
» Fault tolerant architecture
» Calculation Collector and Server-to-Server Collector


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