Privacy Policy

Novotek AB and other companies in the NOVOTEK GROUP (called Novotek or we hereafter) are responsible for this site and subsites. The company is registered in Malmö, Sweden. Novotek is aware of the importance of protecting the privacy of personal information and have therefore developed a policy that we live by.

Novotek have always regarded the personal integrity and protection of privacy as important and the introduction of new regulations is only in-line with our beliefs. Novotek shall never store or process any private or personal data about any person – employed, partner or other relation – that is not absolutely necessary in order to fulfill our commitments to customers, staff, authorities or other parties.

That means in general terms that information about any person not regarded essential should never be stored in any Novotek system and any such received information not falling into this category should immediately be deleted and the sending party shall be informed about it. Such information is including but not limited to political views, sexual preferences, family members, personal contact information, union memberships and other memberships unless directly demanded by law.

Every employee shall at all times when entering and gathering information into any Novotek system evaluate if that information is necessary in order to fulfill the commitments Novotek has towards that person or customer. This is related to all activities ranging from marketing and sales to service and delivery as well as administration and human resources.

It is the responsibility of every member of the Novotek staff to secure that this policy is upheld and followed in their own work. It is the commitment of the leadership of Novotek to inform, enforce and review on a regular basis that Novotek follows and uphold at any time this policy and follow any local or European regulations in the area of personal integrity and protection of privacy.

Tobias Antius, CEO and President Novotek AB

Below you’ll find a more detailed and explained version of how we implement the policy in everyday life at Novotek.


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Cookies are also used to collect statistical data. In addition to using our own cookies, we work with partners in order to get access to even more features on the website. They use the so-called third-party cookies which allow their functions to be used on our website. This type of cookie does not recognize you personally, but can recognize your computer when you visit and other websites and ensures that you get the best possible experience. On our website, we also use cookies/advertising ID for marketing purposes. This allows us to show ads to visitors who are interested in our products through partners’ websites, apps, and emails. The re-targeting technology uses your cookies or advertising ID to show ads based on the pages you have previously visited. To unsubscribe from this type of advertising, please follow the unsubscribe instructions in the email sent to you.

We may share data, such as technical identifiers derived from your registration information on our site or our CRM system, with our trusted ad partners. This enables them to link your devices and provide you with a smooth experience across the different devices and environments you use.


Novotek saves and stores personal data from all site visitors that register information on the website. We also use cookies and track your IP address to help improve our service to you and your Novotek experience. Novotek collect and also protect certain personal information, such as name, phone number and e-mail address, etc. and in some cases from third parties. Novotek doesn’t gather, save or store any credit card information. To give you a better experience, we may combine information you give us with other information such as how many times you have visited the website, what content you have seen, when we last sent you an email and how you engage with our content. Our ambition is always to transparent and helpful and you can opt-out at any time if you think we have failed you in this pursuit.


Novotek use the information to improve and personalize your experience with us and to communicate with you in accordance with our policy. If you provide Novotek your personal information, we will with your permission, use that information to make our marketing content as relevant and helpful as possible and improve the experience of buying and/or using our software, hardware and services and to keep you informed. Additionally, we use the information you provide us with to review our performance and to improve how we manage our business. We will only send you e-mail notifications if you have given us your permission. This is done by giving your consent on our website or by providing your e-mail address to us by other means. We may contact you, depending on the choice you made, by e-mail, mail or telephone. In order to provide you with more relevant information, we may combine information you give us with information from third parties. This together with demographic information and information that is readily available to the public. We can also combine this information with information from our partners.


To be compliant with the GDPR we only save this data for as long as we absolutely need. If you register on our website or by other means registered that you want information or that you engage in business with us you will be informed about this and allow you to either stay in or out of the databases we use to run our business unless other laws or regulations stated that we are required to keep you information. The information is used to attract new customers and help existing customer be as successful as possible and stay with us for years and years.


Novotek does not sell, rent out or disclose our customer’s name, address, email address or other personal information. In order to maintain our website, manage our database, distribute emails and communicate with our customers Novotek establishes contracts with third parties. This is only on behalf of Novotek and without permission for any of these service providers to use your information for any other purpose. Novotek will not disclose your information in any manner to any third party, unless we are required to do so by law or in connection with a legal claim or proceeding.


Novotek uses appropriate and available security measures to protect the information that you provide us with. While we take reasonable steps to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, intrusion or use you accept that no internet data transmission can be safe from access by unintended recipients.


You have the right to request access to and correction of any personal information you provide to us. You can remove your name from Novotek’s marketing list and / or user by contacting us at:+46-40-316900 or contact us via email:


By visiting and using Novotek’s website, or provide personal information to any of our salespeople, you consent to our use and disclosure of information similar to that described in this Privacy Policy. Novotek reserves the right, at certain times make changes to the privacy policy and / or procedures. The current policy is always posted here on our website and we urge you to read it. We will notify you of any changes to our privacy policy by posting the changes on our website.


If you have any questions or comments about our privacy policy you may contact us via email: You can also send us a letter: Novotek AB, PO Box 16014, 200 25 Malmö, Sweden.