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At Novotek, There’s Room for Everyone

At Novotek, there’s a place for everyone. You bring your strengths, and together we use them. While one person can be strong alone, in our Novotek team, you become unbeatable as we grow and support each other.

Our Novotek team members each have their unique strengths. We possess expert knowledge in various programming languages, software, and digital transformation journeys.

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A united Novotek, our common path

Our Health and Well-being

At Novotek, we prioritize our employees’ well-being. Through a supportive work environment and an active focus on work-life balance, we promote a healthy lifestyle.

We believe in our staff and do everything we can to help everyone achieve a good balance. For some, this means working more in groups, while others prefer more solitude. Having a flexible workplace where you can work with others in an office one day, work from home the next to balance personal life, and then be out with our customers to see the results of your work, is not something all workplaces offer. At Novotek, it’s a reality.

our employees' well-being

Customer Success

At the heart of Novotek lies collaboration. We believe in the power of working together, where each individual contributes with their unique strengths and perspectives.

Through open communication and shared responsibility, we create a work culture that benefits both our employees and the company as a whole. This openness allows us to understand our customers’ needs and help them in the best possible way.

each employee feels appreciated

Innovation is Crucial

At Novotek, every individual is valuable. We believe in recognizing and rewarding achievements, big or small. Through regular feedback and clear goal-setting, we create an environment where each employee feels appreciated and motivated to continue growing.

Local Presence with Global Influence

Being a part of Novotek means being part of something bigger than yourself. We take pride in our impact on industrial development and sustainability. Through our innovative solutions, we contribute to a more sustainable future, and that is something every employee can be proud of.


Sustainability Mindset

At Novotek, we strive to be a place where every individual has the opportunity to grow and develop. Through continuous skill development and access to exciting projects, we enable a varied and rewarding career.


A Shared Goal for Novotek

At Novotek, we are focused on the future. Our vision of delivering innovative solutions for digitalization and automation is our compass. Through clear goals and strategies, we create a clear direction that guides both the company and our employees toward success.