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Build your own OPC client applications

 ClientAce DA Junction Control

The Kepware ClientAce software is an extensive function library for developers that they can use to build their own OPC client application. ClientAce is designed to be an easy to use piece of software: It uses a drag-and-drop interface, so users can simply and quickly create their own custom OPC client application.

The OPC.NET toolkit is fully object-oriented and consists of two parts

  1. ClientAce DA Junction Control

  2. ClientAce .NET API

ClientAce DA Junction Control

The Da Junction Control is a part of the OPC.NET toolkit that lets Visual Basic.NET and C# programmers create their own OPC client applications. There is no detailed knowledge of OPC interfaces necessary for the DA Junction control. the DA Junction Control makes sure that there Is a connection between your custom client application and the OPC server. It also monitors this connection and reconnects when this is necessary. All this information can be accessed via local machines as well as remote machines, using a server browser control.

DA Junction Features:

  • It takes care of the connection for one or multiple OPC servers
  • It converts OPC data into .NET data
  • Local and remote access
  • No OPC knowledge required

ClientAce .NET API

ClientAce. Net API or Application Program Interface provides an extensive library of functions for quick and easy connections to the OPC DA Junction Control. It lets programmers which use languages like C# and Visual Basic .NET use an optimized and simple library to create and develop their own OPC client applications.

.NET API Features:

  • Simplified functions and interface
  • Local and remote access
  • No OPC knowledge required

How to develop with ClientAce


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