Kepware - KEPServerEx

The central communication platform for industrial automation

KEPServerEX is a piece of software that lets you connect disparate devices and applications with one another. The platform is designed to connect, monitor and control these disparate devices. All the different information streams come together in one user interface, so the user has a full overview and full control of their whole system. It is developed to meet the customers demands: it has a high performance, is very reliable and it is easy to use.


KEPServerEX is an easy to access system that provides the user with data access for client applications, Internet of Things and Big Data analytics software. Kepware provides users access by being compatible and supporting the following products:

  • OPC (Open Platform Communications)
  • Automation Interfaces
  • IT interfaces
  • Cloud Interfaces
  • Exporters


KEPServerEX reduces network and device loading time and optimises communications, by linking machines with one another. KEPServerEX creates links between disparate devices because devices and controllers must be able to communicate with one another, even if they are not from the same manufacturer and/or don’t speak the same language. It also makes sure that multiple demands on data are batched together, this way fewer requests are needed and this reduces network and device loading time.

Besides connecting the different devices with each other, KEPServerEX also functions as an entry point. KEPServerEX provides a single point of entry to all information streams and stores and archives the real-time incoming data.

Because of these features, the communication is optimised, this gives the users the possibility to make quicker decisions and adapt faster to changes, to optimise their systems to their maximum potential. In the end, KEPServerEX lowers the total cost of ownership.


KEPServerEX has a built-in User Manager tool. This tool allows the user to define which user gets certain access to different projects and tasks. This restricted access can be limited by certain tags which belong to certain projects. Besides the management tool, secure data tunnels can be constructed, for example when information is passed on through internet, for example to remote devices, KEPServerEX adds authentication and encryption to its data sources. This way KEPServerEX makes sure that your company’s information is secure.

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