Software specifically dedicated to production scheduling

ROB-EX Scheduler is a production scheduling system that provides a fully viewable production plan. It is integrable with all ERP systems.

Since any change in your production schedule affects the schedule of your supplier or customer, quick action and correct decision making is required. ROB-EX is an interactive, visual tool that offers users an electronic, intuitive, and dynamic planning board for daily detailed planning. The visual support provides users with efficient insights and a clear overview into the complexity of your production planning. Users can use this overview to take quick and precise actions.

ROB-EX can either be implemented as a stand-alone planning tool or integrated within the company's existing systems.

Feedback from real-time production through web clients or business systems implies that planners and others involved in a planning, always have an up-to-date overview of the situation. The real-time data makes it possible to optimise and balance the effects that changes within the schedule can have on set delivery times.

A solution that improves both your top and bottom lines by providing the following benefits

  • Reduced payment costs (production staff/operators) - optimised scheduling reduces the need for expensive overtime payments, particularly in relation to rush orders
  • Increased revenue - precise and reliable delivery times, plus flexibility to handle events in production
  • Improved competitiveness - shortened delivery times, resulting in stronger market position
  • Reduced capacity costs - improved utilisation of production equipment, plus saving or postponing acquisition of new machines
  • Reduced storage costs - improved scheduling reduced the required number of items in storage
  • Reduced penalty costs - reduced number of compensation payments for delayed deliveries
  • Reduced sub-supplier costs - improved utilisation of capacity, resulting in reduction of the need for external suppliers (companies are able to undertake more operations in-house)
  • Improved financial utilisation of resources - less man-hours spent on scheduling, plus machines and resources are utilised optimally

Investing in ROB-EX results in a high ROI  and generates a multitude of other benefits in the process. Designed for industrial end users, it is suitable for discrete, process and project manufacturing.

Plus, Rob-EX 7.0 now includes some new features:

  • Support for multi-level BOM
  • A view-only Gantt chart in the Dashboard App
  • Search function for interrelated orders
  • Cloud ready multi-users server technology
  • Accelerated import times


ROB-EX 7.0 overview and new features

The new features of ROB-EX 7.0