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IoT for industry, process
and buildings

IoT for manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Pharma, Mining, Metals, Buildings, Water and Waste water and Building management.

Actually it doesn’t matter what segment you serve or manufacturing things for,
IoT can and will change the way you do business.
Most don’t know what to do, get a digital advisor now!

The Internet of Things is a term that has been around for some years now along with Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet. All these buzz words are in their core one thing and that is the ability to connect devices and things in order to be able to get insights and being able to optimize the performance of these assets. The core is connectivity and streaming data from the source to a database and then being able to run analytics, make dashboards for collaboration or even do automated predictive maintenance. The challenges with this next generation of networks and systems are many and in order to secure that you will succeed you need knowledge and planning.


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The future of digital

The Novotek approach to this is based on our 30 year of experience in providing connectivity, securely, and supply data to wherever you want to do you dashboards, analytics or other ways of using the data. We believe that you need a digital advisor to get it right and get there in time. This shift or digitalisation are going to fundamentally change all industries.

Listen to Colin Parris, Chief Technology Officer at GE Digital, discussing exciting innovations in Digital Twin technologies, giving specific use cases of Asset, Process, and Network Digital Twins.


Get it right

The basic parts of any IoT solution is always starting with getting connected. With that comes also the planning and first analysis on what data that should and can be gathered. At this stage you can also start to put up pain points and business drivers that affects you. It is not until the last step you are able to put together the business case and determine the business value and outcomes you can get.

This journey is not easy to do if you don’t have the experience and GE have themselves undergone a lot of changes in their processes the past five years in order to address this.

By using GE and Novotek you will be able to tap into this experience and hopefully not having to make the same mistakes as others.


Get connected

Once you got the business case and you have documented the outcomes it is time to start the physical implementation. Here Novotek and GE advise to start with one piece of the outcomes and continue to build.

Now the next tricky part comes where many fail. The connection piece and especially doing this secure is something that many claim they fixed but few really understand the complexity. There exist a number of different so called edge devices that either can be a software installed on your devices or in your automation systems but also a dedicated HW that provides a easy to deploy solution. This would be easy if all systems were modern but we all know they aren’t. Therefore, is it critical to secure that your advisor knows how to connect to older devices.

Get connected

Get insights

When the data is gathered in your computers or in the cloud starts the next task, use the data and transform it into actionable knowledge. This step involves many different kind of people depending on your industry but the main thing is to secure that each role has a view that is relevant to them but based on the same data. Equally important is it that the users have the ability to reach their data and views wherever they are. All real IoT platforms have this capability and there are endless possibilities to make great looking dashboards and reports. You can of course also in most have analytics based on statistical models, physical models or other logic that you want to use. Here is it also important to find a partner that can handle the analytics and give advice on what method that are suitable. All in preparations for the final step.

Get optimized

It can be that you feel satisfied with the results you got and it is not for all to do the last step. To close the loop requires more of you as user and of the system. But the values that can be unlocked are amazing. Being able to give real time advice to air plane pilots or machine operators adds tremendous opportunity.

We at Novotek have a wide range of analytical toolboxes and we can recommend depending on the process and if you want to run it locally in a closed loop or just give advice to operators.

An IoT platforms is key

Many, including GE, have realized that if you shall build an IoT solution you have to base it on platform. The reason is simple, the connectivity piece is really costly and the front is something that you will work with continuously adding and changing in order to get more value out of it and making more and more people part of the solutions. There exist hundreds of new startups doing IoT platforms and most of these will die.

In order to be relatively safe that your platform is there in 12 months you should go with a full platform that can solve your needs.

In the graph to the left have Forrester done an excellent job in pulling together the platforms for IoT from the major players. They also categorized them and the quadrant for industrial use is called connected. The two players in that quadrant are both connected to Novotek. GE is our main supplier and PTC have become important due to the acquisition of communication software specialist Kepware.

So when you need a digital advisor contact Novotek!


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