Power and Energy



Whether you’re delivering power, steam or both, you need to ensure maximum fuel efficiency, and reliability of supply. The UK power system presents a unique mix of older traditional fuel plants, renewables installations, and biomass or energy from waste units. In all these situations, opportunities exist to use advanced control systems and optimisation solutions to ensure high reliability and cost efficiency.

Automation platforms like PACSystems, or Proficy Process Solutions (PPS) deliver the processing power needed to enable the advanced, responsive control strategies that help you manage variations in fuel or disruptions in the environment which could rob you of revenue, or introduce instability in your plant. With a range of controls and I/O suitable for installations of all sizes, we’ve helped utilities, co-generators and captive power-plant operators uncover fuel savings, and preserve

Whether due to obsolescence, or as part of a broader capital renewal program, control replacements present opportunities to pursue increased reliability and lower operating costs. This paper lays out the typical areas that can be improved, with recommendations for new controls architectures and capabilities.

GE Automation & Controls has a long standing history of supplying control and automation products to various sectors of the Power and Energy sector including from Power Stations to Renewables, Energy Reduction and Energy Management techniques, Novotek can help you leverage best in class Power and Energy Process Solutions, Energy Reduction and Sustainability for industry, contact our domain experts for advice and help your business leverage the latest technologies from a global company, GE Automation & Controls and GE Digital.

Proficy Process Systems Maximises Efficiency and Elevates Productivity for Energy Producers and Consumers Around the World

Few industries are more important to our world today than the energy industry. For many, “energy” means coal, oil, gas and nuclear. That, though, represents a gross over-simplification of a highly complex industry that is tasked with increasing production, lowering cost to keep up with the world’s ever-increasing energy needs. This is all against a backdrop of growing concerns about the effects of energy production, the need to find alternative sources and the impact of energy consumption on our environment. Few, if any, companies are better equipped to help customers respond than GE, which launched the ‘ecomagination’ initiative to meet customer demand for more energy-efficient solutions by applying innovative technology and solutions to environmental challenges at all levels of energy generation and usage.

Increasingly, energy companies worldwide are themselves turning to GE technology - Proficy Process Systems - to solve their most challenging issues. As they look to maximise reliability and fuel efficiency while lowering their environmental impacy, Proficy Process Systems gives them the control they need, coupled with easy access to a wealth of data that can be used to further tune processes and deliver robust compliance reporting.


  • Staffing reduced by 35% with plant uptime increased by 30%
  • 11%+ reduction in energy usage
  • Proficy Process Systems pays for itself in six months from install



Faster Time to Solution

Sophisticated development tools automate many of the Proficy configuration tasks into a single action, making it easy to implement accurate and consistent SCADA without the need for specialists. Development consists of dragging and dropping devices into a picture, and the system automatically adds a tabular display of all related secondary points—with operator dialogs for safe, consistent control. Development work that once took hours and days can now be configured in minutes.

Easy to Maintain

Perform maintenance and troubleshooting with tools that are immediately intuitive. New devices can be added on-the-fly to quickly update your one-line diagrams, alarms, and graphics. The solution keeps maintenance costs to a minimum, and delivers tools powerful enough to accommodate large-scale deployments.

Intuitive Operator & Technician Environment

Proficy Process Systems provides an environment that is familiar, efficient, and safe, so it’s easy to introduce in any control room or substation. It incorporates the latest technology and industry best practices, delivering a user-friendly interface design.

Proficy for Power - SCADA Add-on

GE Intelligent Platforms offers a powerful SCADA solution for electric utilities, alternative energy producers, and substation automation—including rural cooperatives, municipal authorities, and independent distribution utilities. Based on proven technology, Proficy* for Power SCADA is a leading substation and control room SCADA solution that’s improving both large and small utility operations globally.

Proficy for Renewables:

With increasing global demand for more cost-effective, cleaner sources of energy, OEMs and energy operators must go beyond finding additional efficiencies to gain a competitive edge - new sources of energy must be exploited. Those new sources bring new processes and demands on control and information systems. From asset monitoring solutions that increase oversight and field service productivity, to advanced control solutions that help take the uncertainty and risk out of new generation modes or fuel sources, GE solutions can help you establish a reliable, profitable renewables business.