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Integrated process monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimisation CSense software monitors both assets and industrial processes to pinpoint causes of process variation and to optimise performance.

Proficy Troubleshooter

Leveraging a suite of components, it helps you determine and understand the causes of process deviation in industrial environments—delivering complete and integrated process performance enhancement for a given asset or collection of key performance indicators (KPIs).

Novotek can advise our customers’ best practices for applications leveraging CSense. The product is defined in 3 areas and packaged into one solution, combining powerful and flexible diagnostics.

Troubleshooter Edition - for offline, ad-hoc, or on-demand process modelling and troubleshooting including Continuous Troubleshooter and Discrete & Batch Troubleshooters.

Run-time Edition - Online deployment and monitoring environment; it includes Action Object Services, Virtual Campus, Action Object Toolkit, and the CSense Report Server.

Developer Edition - for the expert user trained in analytics and/or with software development experience; it includes both the Troubleshooter Edition and Run-time Edition components, and adds the Architect.

Novotek can help to:

  • Troubleshoot both batch and continuous processes
  • Statistical modelling techniques to examine production data from historical or ad-hoc data sources
  • Monitor and optimise control loops
  • Integrate with Proficy Historian and Proficy Asset Health Centre seamlessly
  • Pinpoint causes of process variation
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Enhance asset performance
  • Rationalise alarm priorities


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