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If you are seeking the best return on investment in efficiency, quality, production, and batch applications, then these solutions will give you clear insight into your operation. Efficiently manage and achieve peak performance with a unified, easy to configure "plant model" that automatically generates intelligent KPIs and monitors performance. Now, you can make real-time adjustments to keep your operation running smoothly and more productively.



  • Quality - The Plant Applications Quality module helps you increase product quality by monitoring product specifications. Warning limits indications reduce scrap and lower product recall costs. Operators guide, notations, comments and labtests/results can be integrated as a part of Quality.

  • Efficiency - A module to identify and monitor all areas of manufacturing for inefficiencies and control overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) - perform root cause analyses, register stops and scrap, cause of scrap, report KPIs to compare machinery, productions lines, areas, production sites etc. We see to that you get the facts through automatic historical data collection and reporting. Now you can make decisions on real facts - not feelings.

  • Production - A system module to help oversee production operations. We handle orders, storing genealogy data, bill of material, processing orders and status of the production, dependencies on stock and resources, including functions to control product flow between equipment, develop product genealogy reports and make schedule changes to reduce excess inventory. Other functions are cost optimization, where costs can be related to process cell or area and utility, and Certificate of analysis (COA) for delivery notes.

  • Batch Analysis -S88 off-the-shelf reporting and analysis applications that work with multi-vendor systems to improve overall consistency and quality in batch execution processes. Do comparison of batches, parts of batches, procedures and phases.



What's New: Proficy Plant Applications 8.2

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