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Industrial Data Provider

Getting in your production, machine and sensor data into your BI, Big data or Data mining tool of choice.


The solution to the challenge of making the data available

Getting data from senor to your BI tools have always been a challenge. With industrial data provider it just became simple and intuitive

Do you have a great tool for BI, Big data or Data mining? Many have, but most are missing their production, machine and sensor data in that tool. The challenge is to find it, gather it and transform it into something that can be put into use with other data that resides in your tool. The solution is IDP (Industrial Data Provider) from Novotek that in an innovative, easy and fast way take you all the way from sensor to your tool! Built on the core products from the company that defined the Industrial Internet, GE is providing you with a state of the art Big data enabled data provider.

Learn how to connect Industrial Data to your tool

Faith in the data...

Siemens and others large world class manufactures put their faith in data and the ability to analysis those fast and easy.

Ulf Friberg, Project leader, AAK

The challenge to get the data right

Nice presentations is nothing if the data is not right. The gathering, transportation, modelling and transformation is the layers that guaranties the data becomes information.  Most data tools are great at visualization but how many are good at gathering data from multiple sources with the need to clean the data before use? Here is why the IDP solution from Novotek is a great tool to fix all these problems with bad data, unnormalizied data and then we haven’t even began to talk about getting the data into the tool. All these steps before you can start using the data in your tool is where Novotek’s IDP solution is unique. 

The gathering of data

Gathering of data is an art in itself, having first the right protocol to talk to devices and after that securely transfer it and ensuring completeness. This is where industrial data provider is needed.
The basis of the gathering part of the IDP is the communication platform called KEPServerEX that is able to connect to thousands of devices ranging from simple energy meters to complex production systems. Time stamping is a key feature to secure the sequence of events and of course the communication is secured with a high level of security, as well as protection from data losses, but the use of store and forward. These things are very uncommon in usual IT solutions that are simply not adapted to take on the challenges of industrial data.


The storage

To store is cheap and simple but to store right is hard. Historian from GE stores 20 million points per half second. It also compress it and can return data fast while doing so.

To store data can be perceived as easy these days where a tera byte of data cost less than 100$ but the key challenge is not to store but to store in such a way that you are able to fetch it, and that the correct data is stored with the sample. The technology used in the IDP solution is state of the art where more than 20 million points can be stored per half second without any problems with getting data out at the same time. The Proficy Historian product from GE is the core component and is today used in thousands of industries all over the world every minute of the day to store data.

The transformation and delivery

Delivery of the data is done in a, for IT, know interface of a SQL server. This also adds all the possibilities of SQL server for pre and post processing.

Once you have been able to actually get hold of the data the next challenge comes; is it ready to use and how shall I get it into my tool? The last part is easy, you should of course use a simple and standard way of doing it! The IDP solution comes with a standard SQL interface where any person with some basic SQL server knowledge can get it. But before that can be done, many times the data is not really ready for use. It can be power meters that needs to be summed before use or a couple of meters with different scales that you want to compare. All these things are taken care of by the transformation layer of the IDP solution.

Finally make full use of your data!

Once the data is in your hands can you use your favorite tool to analyze and dig deeper.

So now after gathering and fixing all these things with your data your are finally at the goal. To make use of your data; finding new ways of getting more efficient, get less waste or finding that extra way of saving energy. The IDP solution from Novotek is the most simple way for getting data from out there into your tool in here!

More details on the technology behind

The Industrial Data Provider offering consists of a couple of best of breed products from GE, Kepware and some components from Novotek. The IDP solution from Novotek is powered by the Proficy suit from GE. All this is possible because of GE's Predix core product Proficy Historian that secures that all data can be gathered in a fast, safe and secure way even over the internet and though firewalls. The Historian capabilities are vast and very scalable from one simple with 50 values, up to 20 million so called tags. All these can be updated and kept track of in an incredible speed. In the solution is also, as stated before, the KEPServerEX communication software a central component that enables us to connect with more or less any piece of hardware.


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For owners and operators of industrial equipment and processes, GE’s Industrial Data Management (IDM) solution provides a more holistic view of industrial data to better support business decisions across the enterprise.

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The Novotek solution IDP makes it easy to use important process and production data when alayzing the overall plant performance.

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