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Kepware KEPServerEX - For IT departments | Novotek

KEPServerEX in IT creates new possibilities. The gateway to get everything into your IT monitoring system. The value of getting the other data in your tool.


KEPServerEX; The gateway to get everything into your IT monitoring system

KEPServerEX for IT departmentsKEPServerEX have a SNMP server that makes it possible for you in IT to get hold of data that sits around your IT infrastructure like HVAC, pumps, power, UPSs supply system and all kind of ambient information like temperature. By introducing these data in your IT monitoring system you can both monitor and control things in your favourite tool. The KEPServerEX has literally hundreds of drivers for all types of equipment and sensors. Discover what you can do with Kepware!

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The value of getting the other data in your tool

KEPserverExWhen operating a complex IT environment you have many levels and types of equipment that needs to be monitored and controlled. The common thing is that they are all designed for being managed by IT. But there are many systems and sensors around your IT equipment that will affect them direct or indirect. Data about your cooling systems, back power or general facilities sensors like temperature are all hard to get into your IT monitoring system, but all that is solved by KEPServerEX. It’s a flexible and scalable solution for connecting, managing, monitoring and controlling diverse automation devices. KEPServerEX enables you to improve your ability to predict and maintain your IT infrastructure.

Proven Interoperability with +250 protocols

Proven interoperability is key to KEPServerEX, allowing your automation control system information to be leverage throughout your IT organization. The communication drives exist for most vendors like Siemens, Allan Bradley, Mitsubishi, ABB and Honeywell but also general protocols BACNet, DNP3 and Modbus. This means that you are able to connect HVAC, Building automation systems, UPS control systems, back up diesel systems and access control systems to your server room. Due to the extensive installed base of KEPServerEX we can offer a wide range of drivers also to obsolete and old systems that are no longer supported by the vendor.


KEPServerEX bundle for IT departments

Kepware have a lot of experience working with IT departments and IT related solutions and have therefore over the years got a great overview of what’s important to IT. The IT bundle for KEPServerEX is a great starter kit for you to get the first things running and see the potential and value in your organization. It contains the SNMP server interface, the KEPServerEX base server and a number of drivers. The install to value is less than 1 hour.


On demand Scalability for all parts of your communication network

KEPServerEX provides a unique On demand Scalability that accelerate the time to implement new equipment, connections and data points. Since the KEPServerEX operates with a multithread architecture each channel can run by its own and will not effect on another, and together with the Configuration and Runtime modes can most adding be done on the fly. KEPServerEX serve all types of applications from one device with one point, to thousands devices with millions of points.

Industrial recognition and strength

Do you ever experience intermittent communication errors or unexpected data losses? KEPServerEX is an industrial software server developed and tested for industrial use which means that 24/7 operations and thousands of operations rely on the stability of KEPServerEX. Kepware are certified and endorsed by many industrial device manufactures and maintains a high standard on its development, including but not limited to 1:1 principle between developers and QA staff - all in order to secure a stable and reliable product.  


Demo version: KEPServerEX

Download the KEPServerEX communications platform.


Manual: KEPServerEX

This software based server is designed for accurate communications, quick setup and unmatched interoperability between client applications, industrial devices and systems. The server provides a wide range of plug-in device drivers and components that suit most communication needs.

Configuration Manager Help: OPC UA

OPC Unified Architecture (UA) is an open standard created by the OPC Foundation with help from dozens of member organizations.

E-book: Industrial IoT

This eBook explores the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). It describes the benefits of Internet-enabling all hardware and software components (“Things”) that comprise an automation system, and delves into the challenges the industry must overcome for the IIoT to be successful.

Customer Story - ABB Process Automation

ABB Process Automation is home to Decathlon® for Data Centers, which provides users the visibility, decision support, and centralized controls needed to effectively automate and manage data center infrastructure.

Guide: Secure KEPServerEX® Deployment

Safety and uptime are key components of automation systems. Cybersecurity threats are increasing in both frequency and complexity and it is therefore paramount that users of KEPServerEX deploy the application as securely as possible. This document guides users through the process of deploying KEPServerEX with maximum security. 

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