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Working for Novotek is all about helping our customers use innovative products and solutions to connect, digitalize and optimize their industrial processes.

The difference between Novotek and many others is the fact that we believe we serve our customers best by teaching them how to adapt technology and do it themselves to become better.

Novotek´s employees

Approximately 68 per cent of our employees have an academic degree. While demand for the relevant professional categories has been significant, from customers as well as competitors, Novotek’s position and reputation in the industry has enabled us to recruit staff with the right skills profile. Novotek offers the possibility for people to constantly develop and challenge themselves.

Novotek promotes diversity and inclusion, and we are keen to recruit people from different backgrounds, in order to secure that we get fresh eyes on the solutions and challenges of our customers. Yearly, Novotek evaluates all terms and conditions to ensure that personal development and other benefits are aligned compared with the market. But in the end we know that the key factor for attracting and retaining staff is the ability to offer interesting work at the forefront of technology.

Long-term relations

Novotek strives to establish long-term relations with customers as well as employees and aims to keep staff turnover at a low level.

Staff turnover for 2020 was therefore 12% (11%). The average number of employees was 132 (123) in 2020. At year-end 2020 the Group had 136 employee s and the average age was 45.

Novotek´s organisation

Novotek has always believed in a decentralised organisation with a focus to ensure that everyone has direct contact with customers, the market and the solutions we deliver. Trust and teamwork are the guiding principles for Novotek’s organisation. Everyone feel that they have a stake in Novotek’s success and everyone know what their role in the organisation and that they enjoy the trust of management.

Novotek wants to ensure that everyone feels secure, acts disciplined and stay curious.

 Novotek AB – Sweden  4
 Novotek Sverige AB – Sweden  28
 Novotek B.V. – Benelux  26
 Novotek BVBA – Belgium  3
 Novotek A/S – Denmark  15
 Novotek OY – Finland  13
 Novotek AS – Norway  11
 Novotek UK & Ireland LTD  9
 Novotek Switzerland AG  7
 ROB-EX AS – Denmark  17
 Securiot ApS – Denmark  3
 Securiot AB – Sweden  0