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New visual identity for Novotek Group

Dependability, commitment and innovation are at the heart of Novotek.  We want that – and 35 years at the forefront of the industry – to be reflected in our new logo and visual identity.

Novotek’s visual identity has its origins in the parent company in Malmö. Naturally, the new graphic profile encompasses the group as a whole, including 140 coworkers in 8 countries.

New logo
Since 1986, Novotek has provided the manufacturing industry with state-of-the-art digitalization solutions. The company has been a familiar face ever since.
”That’s why we’ve chosen to tread lightly, not only with the new logo but with the graphic profile as well,” says Camilla ­Gurell, the group’s Chief Marketing Officer.

A common (red) thread
The logo is the result of a joint creative effort between Taberg Media Group and Splitz. Though true to its original idea, the redesigned and forward-facing symbol is now pointing to the future. What’s more, by retaining the company’s bold red and black color palette, existing customers will feel at home navigating Novotek’s digital platforms.

”Thanks to our new identity, we’re ready to connect the dots between our various operations,” Camilla says.
”A unified front shows that Novotek is on solid footing and well equipped for the future.”

Tobias Antius, Chief Executive Officer at Novotek AB: ”It’s not possible to overstate the importance of a visual identity that’s specifically adapted to the digital channels of today.”

A shared language
Novotek is a global company, and Camilla knows how important it is for the group to agree on a shop window:
”After all, our local presence, regardless of where we are in the world, means we can help our customers with their problem solving, in a language they understand.”

Looking to the future
The new look not only reflects cutting-edge technology and know-how. It instills – in partners, suppliers and customers – a genuine sense of belief in the future of Novotek,” says Camilla Gurell.

Launch and rollout
Logo launch is set for mid March, while the remainder will be unveiled throughout 2021.

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