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What is Transformation?

When talking about digital transformation, no matter the organisation or industry, a customer journey should always take centre stage in our minds. Identifying the genuine reason WHY somebody or something needs to change is the first step.

Thereafter, to create true business value and a desirable experience for customers, it is crucial to understand HOW and in what way interactions take place between people across the entire supply chain.

Last but not least, throughout the transformation process we must ensure that there is willingness and motivation within us and our company, to embrace a curious and open-minded innovation culture where commitment and teamwork is key.

During past 2 months, I have been exposed to many discussions with customers, partners, and colleagues where we are all eager to figure out WHAT the best way to start a digital transformation journey is, taking care to not make it too daunting for those involved or too complex to navigate. How can we reach a common understanding and way forward even if we are looking at it through our individual lenses?

The one word that keeps coming up, describing what we do every day, is CONNECT. We connect people, we connect data, we connect processes, and we connect “things”, where the thing can be a device, machine, or system. By forging step-by-step connections through a people-centric culture, we can make sure that we use the right technology needed to achieve necessary improvements.

Visit A day in the life of information in a digital plant and experience how digitalization impacts people every day at every production stage.

Listening to two of our customers and their digital transformation journey, I was even more convinced that every change done right is worth all time and energy spent. Do you agree? I am curious to hear your thoughts.

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” Charles Darwin

/ Veronika Grozdanovska – Chief Innovation Officer Novotek AB

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